Nock-Land Whisky Giuseppe 2000

58,00 € each


„Fine aroma of honey, coffee-caramel touch, leathery-spicy notes, sweet extract and compact“ – Whisky friends looking for more than just the ordinary will be fascinated by „WOB DÖ MALT“ from Wolfram Ortner’s distillery. Quality and craftsmanship are the keynotes in production, according to the company’s slogan – „handmade goods for finer living“.

Barley malt is ground, mashed and hydrolyzed thermally in order to convert starch into sugar. Then it is quickly chilled and fermented for maximum three days in electronically controlled stainless steel tanks. Later it is distilled in an electronically controlled high-tech distillery of stainless steel and copper with water bath. As with any fine fruit brandy, we observe the strictest principles as well as the exact separation between the light and heavy ends. Following the WOB philosophy, this pure malt is produced without adding sugar or flavourings and ages in especially manufactured oak casks. The vintage fillings are watered down to drinking strength with water from the heart of the national park region ‚Nockberge‘. (0,5l, 48% vol.)