World-Spirits Shots

Wolfram Ortner’s flagship concerning Spirits is the TV format „Inside World Spirits“. Now he has created a light version, the „Inside World Spirits Shots“.

The title says it all: it’s about short video clips – so-called „shots“ which are naturally published exclusively on the internet whenever they deal with spirits.

The „Spirit Shots“ are presented in a professionally competent, informative and entertaining manner to the viewers: the protagonists are spirits from the whole world and everything else around this „highly spiritual“ subject.

Here are some subjects to get a whiff:

  • The difference between white, red and black currants
  • The wine grape: from grape via lees up to brandy
  • Multi-variant aniseed spirits from the whole world
  • Properly tasting and enjoying spirits
  • Testing spirit glasses
  • Crossovers: spirits and cheese, tea, chocolate, cigars...
  • Spirits: ageing ability and drinkung temperature

The shots last only 5 snappy minutes and communicate expert knowledge in an entertaining manner. They aim not only at interested people or are used as training instruments but also serve as advanced training for professionals or such people who want to become people like that from conviction.

The „Inside World Spirits Shots“ reach spirit enthusiasts at or directly at and can also be streamed with English subtitles.



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Inside World Spirits © Episode 15: Pilot-Video 2, Otto Retzer, Wolfram Ortner

03-04-2022 World-Spirits TV EN

Inside World Spirits © Episode 15, Pilot-Video 2, Otto Retzer, Wolfram Ortner, Wolfram Winkler Can be...


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Inside World Spirits © Episode 3: Pilot with Otto Retzer, Wolfram Ortner

18-01-2022 World-Spirits TV EN

Inside World Spirits © Episode 3: Pilot-Video 1, Otto Retzer, Wolfram Ortner, Monika Tinnauer Can...



08-01-2022 World-Spirits TV EN

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