15 episodes of Inside World Spirits with english subtitles streamable right now

In the past years we have shot 15 exciting episodes of Inside World Spirits. Now they are available for streaming in the protected area at www.world-spirits.com .

Just register on the website and klick the requested episodes!

In each episode more than 15 exciting minutes await you:

  • Specialised information about fruits and spirits
  • Entertainment on a „spiritual“ basis
  • Celebrity and distiller talk
  • Tour around the botanical gardens of the earth
  • Sensory assessment of the world’s best spirits

The concentrated expertise of the contents is a perfect learning and advanced training aid. Moreover, it broadens the horizon for distillers, sommeliers and spirit-friends.

Ready to go:

register, log in and stream at www.world-spirits.com - also on youtube.com

Inside World-Spirts TV . iws.tv