WOB 24 Karat copper

299,00 € each


WOB 24 Karat: Wolfram Ortner’s jewel for 25th Anniversary

25 years of the distillery inspired Wolfram Ortner to a star-studded creation: WOB 24 Karat. The ten best vintages were selected for the shimmering symphony of an Apple-Barrique Blend of the last 25 years. These 10 carats of the blend are presented together with 14 carats of gold in the form of a pendant which adorns the attractive bottle in a gift box. The WOB Karat is also available in a pendant made from fine silver or copper.

The concept of „apple & wood“ has been further developed over the years – the basis is select apple varieties from the Lavant Valley (Eastern Carinthia, Austria) which are fermented and distilled during the entire harvest season and thus result in a special cuvée. The distillates are aged and stored in barriques made of French Limousin oakwood.

The blend WOB 24 Karat is a powerful fruit and wood composition with tremendous tightness and sheer endless length. Attractive apple aromas combine harmoniously with delicate extract sweetness and fine roast aromas and a mixture of coffee, leather and vanilla. And the extravagant presentation increases the value of this „highly spiritual object“ further.

In order to satisfy the slogan „authentic design“, the master himself has designed each bottle of the limited edition as a small artwork – 25 pieces each in gold, silver and copper. The name of the buyer or donee is engraved on the back of the pendant, in Ferlach engraving upon request, traditional craftsmanship from the gunsmith town. The delivery period is at least one month, prices upon request (depending on the current price of the precious metals).


Size of the pendant: 4 x 6 cm
Weight: copper approx. 22 grams,
Price (0.7l/ 48,4% vol.): copper 299 euros