WS 18.5 - 6 pieces

43,80 € each


With its ideal form, its maximum surface and the sophisticated angle of rim it stands elegantly on the table, fits tidily in the dishwasher and, due to it being machine-produced, is very comfortable on the pocket – only EURO 7.30 each! 

When it comes to talking about the advantages there are three particular features worthy of attention: 

  • It suits every array of aromas – from apricot schnapps to slivovitz, from calvados to whisky.
  • It brings out the individual character – regardless whether it is fruity charm or oak-aged heroism.
  • It is the perfect companion – for the young jetsetter as well as the mature grandee.

Anyone who enjoys high spiritual pleasures will be rapidly won over by the all-rounder quality of this glass. Equally elegant and chic in the home as in the top restaurant, in the friendly Paris bistro as in the fashionable New York bar.