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World Spirits Award 2016

World Spirits Award 2025

Table of contents

1 Class rating of distilleries (World Class Distillery, etc.)
1.1 Procedure for the classification of distilleries
1.2 The rating system for the classification of distilleries

2 Awards for the best spirits (Spirit of the Year, etc.)
2.1 The rating scheme: The WOB system
2.2 Procedure of the tasting by categories
2.2.1 Practical implementation of the tasting procedure
2.3 The jury

3 Marketing for the industry and/or the participating distilleries

4 Regulations: Figures, data, facts, etc.
4.1 World Spirits Award - Simply the best in Spirits
4.2 Benefits of the total marketing package of the "World Spirits Award"
4.3 Classification costs
4.4 Force majeure and cancellation
4.5 Approved products and/or distilleries
4.6 Submitting and sending samples
4.6.1 Payment
4.6.2 Dispatch
4.6.3 Details for registration
4.7 Categories, groups and varieties

5 Advantages for WSA participants
5.1 What advantages result from the award, the medals won and for classified distilleries?
5.2 Using the "Word Spirits Award" trademark for advertising purposes
5.2.1 Purchase of medal stickers
5.2.2 Production of medal stickers
5.2.3 Printing of medal logos
5.2.4 Copyright regulations

6 Publication of the results
6.1 Documents (photos and texts) for entries in the World Spirits Guide and Spirits Finder Apps

7 The award ceremony for the "World Spirits Awards", medals and titles (diplomas)
7.1 Dispatch of medals and/or diplomas
7.2 World Spirits Award goes on a world tour

8 TOC - Supplementary General Terms and Conditions


World Spirits Award 2025 - Simply the best in Spirits

Information & bookings
World Spirits . Barbara Ortner . 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim . Austria
Untertscherner Weg 3 . Phone: 0043-4240-760 . Fax: 0043-4240-760-50 . This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1 Class rating of distilleries (World Class Distillery, etc.)

The "WSA" is a classification of distilleries (e.g. brandy, whiskey, rum, cognac, moutai, tequila, etc.) into the following categories:

- World Class Distillery
- Master Class Distillery
- First Class Distillery
- Recommended Distillery

The awarded distilleries may use this rating (per category) as an official classification - in connection with the vintage.

1.1 Procedure for the classification of distilleries

This section concerns the rating of a distillery based on all their products submitted per category.

Using a brandy producer (category fruit brandy) as an example, the requirements are:

1. The distiller must submit at least five products per category for the tasting of the different varieties. He can also submit products for several categories to be classified, for example, as a distillery for fruit brandy, whiskey and gin.

2. The varieties (e.g. category fruit brandy) have to be registered and represented in at least three product groups, for example stone fruit (drupes), pomaceous fruit (pomes), berries, wild fruits, wine products or special varieties. The number of varieties (groups) and variety groups/product groups differs, depending on the individual categories. The average in points of all the products per category is determined for the classification.

3. Distillery classification results from the mean value of the average points of all the varieties from a distillery and the sample with the highest number of points for that category.

4. The three distilleries with the highest number of points per category are moreover awarded the title "World Spirits Distillery of the Year" in gold, silver and bronze. The prerequisite for this is the classification as "World Class".

1.2 The rating system for the classification of distilleries

World Class Distillery: 92 to 100 points
Master Class Distillery: 90 to 91 points
First Class Distillery: 85 to 89 points
Recommended Distillery: 80 to 84 points

Categories gin and vodka:

World Class Distillery: 93 to 100 points
Master Class Distillery: 91 to 92 points
First Class Distillery: 86 to 90 points
Recommended Distillery: 81 to 85 points

The organiser of the event reserves the right to change these point ranges at any time.

2 Awards for the best spirits (Spirit of the Year, etc.)

Every year, the "WSA" is honouring the best products of the different varieties (Spirit of the Year), variety groups (World Spirits Award) and categories (World Spirits Award) (e.g. Williams pear, cognac, rum, vodka, etc.).

In each case, the "World Spirits Award" goes to the producer with the best product of a group in terms of points attained (the prerequisite for this is a double gold) - e.g.: fruit brandy - "pomaceous fruit", fruit brandy - "stone fruit", grappa - "aromatic grappa", etc. (see Point 4.7 : "Categories, groups and varieties") - and the best distillery within a category.

2.1 The rating scheme: The WOB system

The rating will take place according to Wolfram Ortner's spirits rating system. This is a 100 point system specifically designed for spirits with five rating criteria.

A. Criteria

1. Fragrance - Typicality and intensity

This is where the aroma intensity of a product and also the taste typical to its variety are being rated. What makes a fruit rate positively or negatively is determined at the training of the tasters, for example a raspberry can have the taste of citrus fruit, hay, somewhat like marzipan, or simply typically fruity. In the case of spirits with special criteria in terms of production (e.g. grappa with sugar and aromas added), a different product understanding is required. Also, consumers' expectations must also be taken into account in order to facilitate an assessment that is as objective as possible.

It is by the taster's judgement that the product shall be classified, for example, as O.K. (O), or as very good (+).The excellent rating (++) should only be used when more than 95,3 points have been reached. Each (+) of the spirits per category increases the points per category by one. The increase is realistic concerning fragrance, taste and harmony - the rating in the "purity" criteria should only be increased if a very extraordinary product is in question and 99 or even 100 points should be awarded.

2. Fragrance - Purity, deficiencies

Here, the deficiencies in fragrance which negatively affect the results due to a lack of care during production and/or distillation (foreshots, feints, etc.) are addressed. As soon as a product shows even a slight deficiency, it is to be rated with a (- -). If the product passes, then it is to be rated with a (+).

3. Taste - Typicality and intensity

An intensive taste and the typical features of a variety, as well as the density and complexity of a product, are rated positively. "Weak" products or those that are not typical to their variety will be negatively rated.

4. Taste - Purity, deficiencies

Deficiencies in taste are addressed at this point. In all other respect, the procedure is the same as described in Point 2, with products only to be rated with (+) or (- -).

5. Harmony

The general harmony of fragrance, taste, alcohol (as well as wood or sugar) and the density of the spirits are used as a last criterion for the rating and round off the results.
If a product has been rated (- -) in one of the other categories, the same rating must also be assigned for this category as a logical consequence. The only "exception" is an upgrade by one point to (-) if a product has been rated (- -) in the "Purity" category but is perfect in all other respects. Density – Harmony – Length (DHL) will also be used for the valuation.

DHL – stands for Density – Harmony – Length

These three letters tend to call to mind a parcel delivery service. In the WOB system which is used at the World Spirits Award as a particularly accurate and fair evaluation system, they are abbreviations from which the harmony of a spirit is composed. This depends not only on the overall impression but in particular also on these “DHL” properties. A spirit without density, harmony and length can never be classed as a top product. Experience has shown that vodkas in particular are almost always characterised by a good density and length. For products stored in wooden barrels such as rum or whisky, these special properties can be arguable and in some cases even barely perceptible. There is constant work towards improving the WOB system.

Coffee distillates

Coffee distillates should generally blend well with coffee. These products distinguish themselves with particular density, length and sweetness. They can be stored in wooden barrels, but can also be distilled using stone fruits, grapes or wild fruits. The criteria of how well the products harmonise in the "Coffee distillates" category is much more strictly assessed than with spirits in other groups.

Cigar distillates

Cigar distillates have to be a perfect accompaniment to smoking - the range of cigars extends from Dominican (light) to Cuban (heavy). The distillates must be stored in wooden barrels and exhibit particular density, length and sweetness. The criteria of how well the products harmonise in this group is much more strictly assessed than in other groups. As alcohol also has an influence, an upper limit of 53% vol. has been set. Spirits that have a higher alcohol content generally go well with cigars - higher proof ones go better with heavy cigars, while spirits with a lower 40% tend to go better with lighter cigars.

B. Assignment of points per criterion

( - - ) Deficient/very weak: 10 points
( -- ) Weak: 13 points
( O ) O.K./good: 16 points
( + ) Very good 19 points
( + + ) Exceptional: 20 points

C. Rating scheme

95.3 to 100 point: DOUBLE GOLD: World class, extraordinary product
90 to 95 points: GOLD: Top product
80 to 89 points: SILVER: Good to very good product
71 to 79 points: BRONZE: Average product
65 to 70 points: Weak or slightly deficient product
Under 65 points: Deficient product

D. Written description

All rating criteria are separately explained in writing for each distillate and presented to the submitting party in the form of a summary.

E. Publication

All spirits rated at 71 points and above will be publicised - spirits rated under this level will not be publicised in order to not damage their companies. In the personal rating report, these results will be stated and sent to the submitting party.

2.2 Procedure of the tasting by categories

Every product submitted is always rated independently by three different teams (one line). Each team consists of two persons (A/B) and produces a group rating. The individual teams are formed in such a way that taster A is always an expert for the respective variety. In the case of specific products, such as whiskey, etc., a team always consists of taster A who is an expert for this category or group, and one taster from the area of brandies. The category/group expert guarantees the special expertise, the brandy taster the specifically fine sensory evaluation. This way, it is guaranteed that the rating is as objective as possible and shows credibility.

Each sample will be individually processed and assessed. The product will be tasted by eight people - six jury members, an assistant and Wolfram Ortner. He carries the overall responsibility and can tip the scales in case of unclear jury decisions.

The results shown on the rating forms are evaluated by the assistants. In the case of unequivocal group decisions, the average of points of the majority will be used. In the case of discrepancies within a team, the specialist's rating is decisive. In cases of doubt, the assistant will decide whether the spirits have to be tasted again. If there continues to be a tie, another assistant will be consulted. The ultimate decision-making authority will always be retained by the organiser, taking into account the opinions of the entire jury.

2.2.1 Practical implementation of the tasting procedure

- Serving of four (covered) glasses for each taster - temperature uniformly 18°C
- Determination of individual opinions without comparison of the samples
- Rating by acronyms for each criterion, followed by calculation of points
- Checking of the individual opinion for the empty glass and, where necessary, correction
- Determination of group results
- Handling of deviations
- Checking of jury results

Unfair evaluations from the viewpoint of the submitter: We take our work very seriously. We therefore analyse the submitted product with all verbal descriptions from the jury and, if necessary, compare them with a submission before the current year. If the organiser cannot ascertain any reasonable grounds for an objection, both products are once again tasted and discussed within the framework of a taster training at the academy. Evaluations cannot be changed, but naturally the reasons can be explained in detail.

2.3 The jury

The jury is composed of extensively trained and experienced tasters from the spirits trade, as well as distillers. The individual teams are always selected according to categories and will have experts added to them. The tasting is under the direction of Wolfram Ortner, who will also be responsible for the entire organisation and realisation of the "WSA". A team (experienced tasters and organisers) consists of six tasters and one assistant who is responsible for the organisational work per line during the tasting.

3 Marketing for the industry and/or the participating distilleries

The event organisation of the "WSA" also involves marketing measures for the participating classified and/or awarded distilleries in the form of intensive public relations and trends created for the different product lines.

4 Regulations: Figures, data, facts, etc.

> Step 1: Timetable & registration
Period: 1st August to 31st October 2024

> Start of registration for the World Spirits Award:

Start of the WSA registration is 1st August 2024. The "World Spirits Award" is limited to 450 samples - so please register early enough!

Invoices will be sent from 1st August and are to be paid immediately - participation will not be confirmed until payment has been received.
Then the detailed registration and the sample shipment will follow. See step 2 and step 3!

From 1st August to 31st of Ausgust the early bird rate (minus 10%) applies – after 1st September the normal price applies.

- Binding registration with number of samples: by 1st November
Or by e-mail with company address (Address of applicant) and number of products
- Invoicing
- Payment after receipt of invoice - surcharge of 10% if paid after 1st November

> Step 2: Detailed registration and mailing of photos with distillery description
Period: 1st October to 15th November

- Online Registration Part 2 following activation of tool
- E-Mail an Excel sheet with complete list of all necessary product details for registration (if product details are missing) by 15th November at the latest
- Submission of photo selection and information documents: by 15th November
- Documents for distillery portrait and photo selection via e-mail or web transfer

> Step 3: Sample shipment
Period: 1st October to 1st December

- No dispatch without payment and detailed registration
- Shipment of samples by 1st December at the latest
- Delivery note and/or pro-forma invoice
- Three (over 0.5 litres content) or four bottles (0.375 litre) per product
- Shipment address:

WSA World-Spirits Award
Barbara Ortner
Untertscherner Weg 3
9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria
Tel.: 0043-4240-760
Fax: 0043-4240-760 50
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

> Step 4: Tasting & medal stickers or licence agreement
Period: 1st January to 8th February

- Tasting weekends are in January
- Announcement of medals (unofficially) by 5th February
- Ordering of medal stickers by 8th February - payment of invoice immediately upon receipt
- Licence agreements can be made from 5th February
- No information on exact results or feedback on submissions
- Mailing of medal logos only after Award Ceremony

> Step 5: Award Ceremony & publication of results & Communication
Period: Publication of results and mailing of digital medal logos from 22nd March, without exception!

- Announcement of venue for the Award Ceremony by 15th February and registration for Award Ceremony and Distillery Tour by 20th February
- Publication and use of official results on the day after the Award Ceremony
- Mailing of digital medal logos and distillery portraits within one week of the Award Ceremony
- Mailing of high-resolution medal logos on request and on declaration of intended use
- You need a licence agreement for ist use on bottles, labels, boxes …
- Mailing of medals/certificates within one week of the Award Ceremony - in the case of non-deliverability, further mailing at the expense of the applicant.
- The same applies for the shipment of the World Spirits Award Trophy including insurance. Caution: inspection together with deliverer due to danger of breakage – otherwise no claim for compensation possible!
- Mailing of the World Spirits Guide at the end of July/beginning of August

The participants undertake to timely meet the deadlines stipulated by the organiser for the registration, collecting of documents and photos etc. . Otherwise incalculable delays with the WSA organisation will occur. The work is subject to a very tight schedule and coordinated with different partners. If Packshots (bottle photos) for apps arrive too late, they can unfortunately no longer be used. This also applies to all other services  you „purchase“ with your participation.


4.1 World Spirits Award - Simply the best in Spirits

Wolfram Ortner, a former professional skier, is continuing his success story as a promoter of the world of spirits. Just as the world championships are considered to be the ultimate for athletes, he is striving with the "World Spirits" trademark towards a great goal: improvement of the international distillates culture by theoretical work and practical implementation of the subject.

With "World Spirits", a new proprietary trademark was brought into the world of spirits in 2004. Behind this is a comprehensive marketing concept and an organisation with the goal of improving the international culture of spirits and the classification of distilleries. The spectrum of activities is wide - from the thorough training of a jury and organisation of the ratings to the accompanying PR measures.

After 21 years, the "World Spirits" trademark has become established in many respects and is referred to by industry insiders as the "World Championships" of the international awards.

The "World Spirits Award"

A survey has revealed that the "World Spirits Award" (WSA) is considered to be the best and highest award on offer by industry insiders and is highly regarded as such.

Jury & Academy

No award comes with a more educated jury than the WSA as part of the "World Spirits Academy". Only spirits experts who have been trained as testers by the WSA and undergone positive checks can secure themselves a place on the jury. Participants from other competitions as well as recognised specialists all have to start their training with the WSA from the starting blocks.

The assessment system

To ensure as objective an assessment as possible, symbols instead of points are primarily used. The WOB system, based on five assessment criteria and characteristics each, enables transparent and traceable results. Verbal descriptions are available in German and English.
Distillery classification

The WSA is the only competition which also encompasses distillery classifications. The title of "Distillery of the Year" is also awarded.


The results and business portraits can be found online at in the Online Guide and in the Spirits Finder. They are also available in printed form in the "World Spirits Guide". Ongoing editorial work for the international press and media partners demonstrates the quality and professionalism of the WSA communications work.

4.2 Benefits of the total marketing package of the "World Spirits Award"

Your participation will be communicated in various WSA media. For the preparation, we need your cooperation and ask for the timely provision of documents and photos. Material will be published in the World Spirits Guide (online and in print), in the Spirits Finder on the website and on the WSA Spirits Finder App (free download on iOS and Android devices) and in the World Spirits Tasting Videos. On World Spirits TV, only selected products and distilleries can be presented. More information on all publications and the free download can be found at our website:

- Press releases at regular intervals
- Press activities structured by topics and/or regional, national and international points of focus and areas of interest
- Press activities focusing on the topic of "spirits" (e.g. gastronomy magazines: tips regarding sensory perception and sales)
- Tasting of the products
- Diploma with medal for award-winning products
- Results of the company rating with precise description and points achieved
- One copy of the overall results as a PDF file
- Publication on the Internet
- Publication in the "World Spirits Guide" (German and English)
- Publication in the "World Spirits Online Guide" (
- 12 months access to the "World-Spirits Online-Guide" ( - maximum until April 1, 1 person
- Publication in the "World Spirits Finder" (
- Press material for the winners - preparation and mailing
- Company portrait for press activities and publication in WS media, as well as for personal, cost-free use(German and English)
- Trend-setting (coffee distillates, cigar brandies, spirits counters, etc.)
- Invitation of the award winners to the festive award ceremony of the "WSA"
- Photo session with participants who are present at the award ceremony and free use of photo material
- Stainless-steel plaque with the classification results
- 5 copies of the "World Spirits Guide" (German and English)
- Rights to use the trademark name "World Spirits Award" (these are defined)
- Free publication of all products in the WSA Spirits-Finder App
- New WSA participants’ benefit: Top products are presented in World-Spirits.TV

Product photos for the WSA app

You have the possibility, when publishing your products in the WSA app. Please make sure that the photos are provided in perfect quality. Size: 400 x 800 pixels with 72 dpi ppi.

4.3 Classification costs

Costs of submission to the "World Spirits Award" by variety

1. until 31. August

- First product entry Euro 1.155,-net for a distillery or brand,
if registered and paid BEFORE 31 August
- Each additional product entry costs 3200 EUR

1. until 30. September
- First product entry Euro 1.215,-net for a distillery or brand,
if registered and paid BEFORE 30 September
- Each additional product entry costs 340 EUR

1. until 31. October
- First product entry Euro 1.270,-net for a distillery or brand,
if registered and paid BEFORE 31 October
- Each additional product entry costs 370 EUR

Additional varieties are charged at the price of the respective booking time slot.

Due to our limit on capacity (450 products), space for participation will be scarce after November 1st, however, registrations could still be possible. For bookings after 1 November, if the booking situation allows it at all, a surcharge of 10% will be charged.

The icon that shows “Payment ” at the bottom of the registration page will take you directly to the online shop to make payment.


4.4 Force majeure and cancellation

From 1st November, cancellation of registration or reimbursement of the registration fee is not possible! If instances of force majeure result in the postponement of individual service deadlines or event dates, the organiser can in no way be under an obligation to provide indemnification – financial reimbursement is also not possible. The organiser will postpone the individual dates until a time when the service can be rendered vis-à-vis the submitter. Should this not be possible, individual services (listed under Benefits/Services) can be cancelled without replacement.

If documents (photos, texts, also bottles …) do not reach us by the stipulated deadline, we have the right to cancel the service pertaining to it without replacement (see Benefits in Regulations), even without further request or reminder.

4.5 Approved products and/or distilleries

As a general principle, only those products which are also sold on the market are allowed - in other words, the products available to the consumer at any given time and corresponding to the general legal rules of their country of origin. Spirits are admitted in the form corresponding to the legal rules of their respective countries. However, EU Regulation No. 2019/787 CELEX 52022XC0218(01) is of overriding validity. The information on the registration form about sugar, for example, must be accurate. Only in the case of fruit distillates are two groups rated separately:

1. Fruit brandies (pure distillates without external alcohol, added aroma or sugar)

2. Fruit spirits with added external alcohol and sugar (blended products)

Should a product be submitted under the category of fruit brandy, for example, and later on it turns out that sugar was added, then this variety will be eliminated from the rating and will not be reclassified among fruit spirits! Therefore, please pay attention to the information submitted with the registration.

At the time when the awards are granted, there must be at least 20 litres of the product available, ready to be bottled and sold, which will also be controlled by the organisers. Only those spirits which are also available on the market may be submitted. During registration, the precise batch and vintage has to be stated, the same way it is declared for retail sale (if it is indicated on the label at all). A product that was already awarded with a distinction must not be submitted again for rating - this applies to the same vintage and batch.

In order to guarantee the safety of the classified product for the consumer, the products submitted must correspond to the products sold. Fractions are not permitted.

If there are no additional specifications for a variety, the sample submitted is deemed to correspond with the annual production of the respective variety (type of fruit), and the contents of all bottles sold must be identical. Only the batch number will be considered.

Special designations on the label are permitted (World Spirits, Reserve, Superior, etc.). However, the above-stated rule applies as well: the quantity submitted and the quantity sold throughout the year must be identical.

Subsequent controls will only be based on the vintage or batch number. Other batch numbers will be automatically considered "non-identical" and penalised accordingly.

4.6 Submitting and sending samples

Only fully completed registration forms which are corresponding to the guidelines are processed- or activating the checkbox with the online registration respectively.  The participants fully accept the General Terms and Conditions and the Regulations  of the "World-Spirits Award".

By signing the registration form (or ticking the checkbox with the online registration), you are declaring the correctness of the information submitted and are consequently liable for any possible misrepresentation.

The registration is to be conducted online at

The registration with company stamp and signature has to be e-mailed, faxed or sent by post, and an original copy enclosed in the cartons of the submitted products.

Supplementary explanations concerning registration

- The information provided in the online registration is binding for us. Please check carefully that this has been entered properly. Subsequent changes or corrections will be charged to the submitter and can cost up to € 1,000 net.

- Should the registration deadline not be observed, the organiser has the right to renounce the performance of the service vis-à-vis the submitter in order to ensure that the event proceeds smoothly. Participants can be invoiced for costs incurred for subsequent work and changes or other costs for additional services.

- The organiser assumes no guarantee for the non-publication of documents that arrive late (photos, videos, texts …).

- Photo and video selection (image and quality) is the responsibility of the organiser.

- The organiser has the right to discount photos and videos of inferior quality.
- In general, photos will be passed on to the WSA for use free of charge (also from media partners) and without indication of source.

4.6.1 Payment

Registration to the World Spirits Award must take place using the online form at and is separated into two sections.

With the log-in and registration in the shop, payment of the registration fees can be made by credit card or advance transfer. With advance transfers, the payment confirmation must be mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If the correct registration fees are not paid via the shop, the fees will be charged later by the organiser. Participation is only possible once full payment has been made.

Following payment, the detailed registration for the individual batches will be activated for the participant online and full registration can be carried out at any time during the official registration period.

For registrations made up to 1st November a cancellation fee of 50% of the registration fee will be retained. Following this deadline, cancellation is no longer possible and the full registration fee will be charged.

Immediately following registration for the WSA, the applicant will receive the invoice for the samples, which must be paid within seven days. In the case of late payment we are unable to guarantee that the products will be tasted. It is not possible to reimburse any costs or return the samples. Any costs incurred due to late payment must be borne by the applicant.

Without exception, all WSA services must be paid for in advance. If payment is not made in due time, we will be unable to provide the services ordered by the applicant.

The dispatch of the samples must take place at the expense of the submitting party - this also applies to possible costs incurred by customs duties and/or import charges. Should we be charged customs duties, these costs will be passed on to the submitting party and must be paid within the specified period of time for payment, together with the costs for the award contest.

If the payments for the award contest are not made in due time, the samples will not be further processed, will not be rated, and will also not be returned to the submitting party.

The specified prices are quoted net, exclusive of 20% VAT. If a VAT number is provided, we can invoice the amount to EU partners without charging value-added tax.

For countries outside the EU, the amount is also invoiced on a net-value basis. Any customs duties that may arise will also be charged. Please declare the shipment as "sample consignment".

In the case of registrations after the official registration closing date, a surcharge of 10% will apply.

4.6.2 Dispatch

The shipment must be in stable cartons and the individual bottles have to be safely packed in order to prevent possible breaking. Please mark the cartons with "fragile" and declare the shipment as "sample consignment".

Submissions from non-EU countries

The samples must be shipped "DDP - including Duties/Taxes (Delivered duties paid according to Incoterm 2020)", if possible with your shipping partner.

If this is not the case or possible and the goods arrive at CPT Airport Vienna, customs clearance will be taken over by DB Schenker on our behalf and the costs incurred will be invoiced to the sender.

For customs clearance, a complete proforma invoice for customs purposes is required, with the following details:

Product, bottle quantity, bottle size ml, alcohol content, weight, customs value.

Please enclose this already in the box to avoid delays in customs clearance and possible returns (subject to charges)!

Should the samples arrive after the deadline for submitting, they cannot be considered anymore and will remain with the organiser for tasting purposes.

For every submitted variety, there are three 0.5 litre bottles (or bottles with a content of more than 0.5 litres) or four 0.35 litre bottles required in their original packaging, meaning original bottles with original labels, as those intended for retail sale.

We also need an original label in each case (can also be e-mailed digitally), and the retail and trade prices of all products submitted for participation need to be listed in the application form.

Please also send us a selection of photos on CD or via e-mail (showing the entire production process - basic product, processing and distillation up until the finished bottle) in print quality free of charge for publication in our media and for the WSA PR activities.

With his/her registration and participation in the WSA respectively, the presentor confirms that the publication of photos provided to the organiser may be used for communication purposes of any kind (in external or all WSA media such as the Guide, apps, Inside World Spirits etc.) without stating the source and that the usage is free of charge and copyright-free.

We recommend that you use a shipping agency to send us your samples and to handle all import and customs formalities. This enables you to save costs.

The products must be shipped with an appropriate delivery note, which is also used by the organiser for delivery control purposes. If this is not the case, the delivery note must be provided later.

Why we need this many bottles:

- If during transport just one bottle in a batch gets broken, you are thus saved the expense of sending a single new bottle.

- If the jury determine a cork failure at the tasting, a further bottle will be served, to make sure participants are fairly treated.

- If there is a problem with the tasting, we can fall back on bottles from previous years.

- Samples will be used for the training of jury and academy participants and for subsequent tastings at the current World Spirits Award.

4.6.3 Details for registration

A wholesaler or importer's own brands must also be submitted separately according to category - with or without classification. There must be a separate registration for each producer, which will be invoiced accordingly.

When registering, importers or wholesalers must, in addition to their own details, provide the details of the producer and confirm the producer's consent and the correctness of the information. The certificate carries the address of the spirit manufacturer or the trademark owner, as depicted on the bottle.

The product declaration on the label must correspond with the registration (product definition).
If fault is found with a product submitted in category 1 (OBB) (e.g. because of sugar or for other reasons), it will be assigned automatically to category 2 (OBS).

Modifications liable to costs

Upon registering, please make sure that no false information, typing errors, etc. are entered. Subsequent corrections will be charged according to the effort required. This also applies to the re-issuance of certificates.

If batch number and vintage are not stated on the registration form, we assume that the product submitted is a standardised product which is always produced in the same quality and according to the same recipe.

Submitted products (according to registration) are all included without exception in the evaluation and are published with medal rankings and classifications.

Withdrawal from registration is no longer possible after the registration deadline – as is the desire for non-publication of the results or the distillery portrait in all WSA media such as guide, apps, press information, etc.

4.7 Categories, groups and varieties

1. OBB: Fruit brandies and/or 100% distillates (fruit, wine, wild fruits, grain, etc. - 100% distillates, without sugar, external alcohols and aromatic additives)
2. OBS: Fruit spirits & distillates, blended products containing fruits, wine, wild fruits, grain, etc. - with external alcohols and/or added sugar and/or aromatic additives
3. COG: Cognac
4. ARM: Armagnac
5. BRJ: Brandy Jerez
6. SAB: South African Brandy
7. BRA: Brandies worldwiide
8. CAL: Calvados
9. GIWO: Gin & vodka
10. GRA: Grappa
11. MAR: Marc
12. KOR: Grain brandy and other grain products
13. BILI: Herbal spirits, bitters and liqueurs, exotic spirits and other spirit types (ouzo, pastis, absinthe, gentian, masterwort, caraway, etc.)
14. RUM: Rum
15. TEQ: Tequila
16. ASP: Asian spirits
17. WHU: USA - American whiskeys
18. WHI: Whiskey Ireland
19. WHS: Whisky Scotch
20. WHA: Whisky worldwide (remaining whiskies)
21. PIS: Pisco
22. CAC: Cachaca

Special varieties and group definitions

On registering, please be aware of the special definitions for the products, so that these can be assigned to the correct group for tasting.

Special definitions apply to the following groups and products:

Herbal spirits and herbal liqueurs respectively

Bitter herbal spirits and bitter herbal liqueurs respectively

Diverse herbal and bitter spirits respectively and diverse herbal and bitter liqueurs respectively

Herbal, root and spice spirits respectively with precise base information. Herbal and herbal, root and spice liqueurs respectively with precise base information (peppermint, ginger etc.)

Example: “Orange herb liqueurs” are to be entered into the group “Herb, root and spice liqueurs” – with the amendment “Orange” – as on the label!

With the information of the sugar content we can also check the correct allocation. The presenter decides in which group the spirit or liqueur is to be tasted. Herbal and bitter spirits and liqueurs respectively must show apparent bitter principle. If not they must not be presented in this group. If it is a pure herbal mixture then the intended group is herbal spirits or herbal liqueurs respectively. If it is a peppermint liqueur, it then belongs to the group „...with precise base information“. If none of the three listed groups can be clearly allocated, then you should choose the group „Diverse....“.

In the GIWO (Gin & Vodka) category, vodkas and gins are split into different groups in order for them to be optimally tasted.


- Western Style: As neutral a style as possible
- Old Eastern Style: Minimum recognisable aroma of the base product


The distinction between London Dry Gin and New Western Style Gin is only a sensory distinction and has nothing to do with their technical background.

- London Dry Gin: Clear presence of juniper
- New Western Style: Harmony between juniper and botanicals, no dominance of juniper

Depending on their main botanicals (flowers, oranges, saffron, etc.), these special declarations must be made at the time of submission if these are also noted on the label.

The products to be tasted are tasted in the category for which they have been entered.

Please make sure - especially with gin, vodka, etc. - that they are submitted in the correct sub-division of the respective category!

Entry in the wrong sub-division can result in deduction of points during judging.

There are clear definitions; wrongly entered products will at worst be assessed as “non-typical”.

5 Advantages for WSA participants

5.1 What advantages result from the award, the medals won and for classified distilleries?

We would like to inform you that the "World Spirits Award" is a protected trademark and that therefore the use of the "WSA" trademark has to follow certain guidelines in order to be able to prevent and/or oppose possible abuse. Medals won and the "WSA" can, of course, be used in your press material.

5.2 Using the "Word Spirits Award" trademark for advertising purposes

- Use for any kind of advertising is permitted free of charge (posters, brochures, advertisements, TV spots, …).
- Exception is made for use of the bottle: boxes, packaging, tags, labels or directly on the bottle. In this case, a license agreement liable to costs is necessary.

Adhesive medal stickers

Immediately following the tasting (beginning of February), the participants will receive the unofficial results. Medal positions and classifications may not be published.

This information merely serves the ordering of sticker medals or licence agreements on the use of medals on the bottles for advertising purposes.

Further information on the procedures are available under “step by step”. Just a few notes on procedure:

The medal stickers will be presented at the awards ceremony or delivered afterwards. With larger quantities, if desired (for custom issues), we would be happy to separate the invoice into licence fees and printing fees.

The medal logos in print quality are only available to participants with licence agreements. Logos or stickers may only be used on the day after the award ceremony.

We will not be providing any additional information on top of the information provided by e-mail in connection with our research work. Detailed information remains with WSA.

For advertising purposes, adhesive medal stickers can be purchased from WSA. There is also the possibility to print the sticker onto the labels. Concerning this, we would kindly ask that you contact us so that we can make an individual offer to you.

Distilleries which have been classified can also use this rating for their press material, advertising texts, etc. Adhesive labels for the bottles are available referring to the achieved category of the award; the classification can also be printed on your labels. In both of these cases, the ranking of the qualification can be printed on all of the adhesive labels, or on all of your labels.

Regarding this, we would kindly ask that you contact us so that we can make a binding offer for the entire annual output to you. Should you be unsure about whether usage of the trademark is permitted under the applicable guidelines, please contact us so that we can confirm the permission, if applicable.

"World Spirits" medal; using the "World Spirits Award" trademark for advertising purposes

Awarded "World Spirits" medals can be used by producers for advertising purposes. If an applicant produces printed material or advertising media in which the winning of a medal or an award is stated, distinctions regarding the "World Spirits" Award have to be stated including the information about the vintage year (stating the variety and vintage year of the product), e.g. "World Spirits Award Gold - Cherry 2004" or, in the case of classifications, "World Class Distillery 2004"). Regarding "special uses", we request a short consultation. For spirits granted an award, the respective medals should be stated on their price list. The medal logos must be used in their original form.

5.2.1 Purchase of medal stickers

The WSA participants will be notified of medal positions and classifications so that they can order sticker medals. Thus the medals can be ordered at short notice, as the production time is nearly one month. Based on our information and the rulings, in order to win the title of “Distillery of the Year” world-class is a prerequisite, for the title of “Spirit of the Year” at least one double gold is the basis. If the prerequisites are met at the WSA, the entries with the most points will receive these titles.

At the award ceremony at the World Spirits Awards all winners of these titles will be announced and celebrated. We therefore ask for your patience that we cannot answer any questions concerning classification or medal logos for the production of printed materials before the award ceremony. Thank you for your understanding!

Producers can purchase World Spirits Award adhesive stickers depicting the medals for their bottles only in those quantities stated on their registration forms. If larger quantities than those indicated on the registration form are available, you can also order medal stickers for the total production volume of bottles with identical quality. Prices are tiered according to volume and will be provided upon request. For bottles with identical quality - i.e. the quality that has been granted the WSA award - the medal stickers ordered may be used until the product is sold out, without any limitation as to time.

The WSA participants will be notified of medal positions and classifications so that they can order sticker medals. Thus the medals can be ordered at short notice, as the production time is nearly one month. Based on our information and the rulings, in order to win the title of “Distillery of the Year” world-class is a prerequisite, for the title of “Spirit of the Year” at least one double gold is the basis. If the prerequisites are met at the WSA, the entries with the most points will receive these titles.

Please order medal stickers via the original order email from WSA. If the invoice fails to arrive promptly, then we haven’t received your order in the correct form. In this case, please contact us.

Order of medal stickers and shipping

- For orders of medal stickers, payment must occur within the cited deadline. In cases of later payment receipt, delivery is unfortunately no longer possible as we must adhere to deadlines provided by the printers. It is also possible that the goods may only arrive after the Award Celebration. Should the goods be lost during shipment (with value insurance), the purchaser will be compensated for the value – a replacement delivery is not possible!

- The medal stickers can be picked up at the Award Celebration (provided that the delivery from the printers arrives on time). We are also able to send the medal stickers on pre-payment of shipping costs with insurance. Shipment is generally carried out at the purchaser’s own risk.

- Purchasers can arrange for their own freight forwarder to pick up the medal stickers at our office. In general, shipment is carried out by post or, in exceptional cases, also by courier services, whereby shipping costs and risk are always borne by the purchaser. The WSA can in no case be made liable for lost or damaged packages, etc. and no claims for compensation will be accepted.

Various liabilities

Should problems concerning quality arise with external services on our part (e.g. medal stickers, medals), then we will appraise these as rapidly as possible and, if necessary, provide a replacement. Please send the products to us at our office, so that we can inform you of further procedures. With medal stickers, etc. there is no right of return, as these are especially produced for the customer.

 5.2.2 Production of medal stickers

The production of medal stickers by the producers themselves requires a license agreement with "World Spirits" - in that case, the original must be used with a logo (no exceptions!). Conditions of use, procedure and costs are regulated by the license agreement.

5.2.3 Printing of medal logos

If a producer wishes to use a medal logo in connection with the bottle, a licensing agreement must be concluded with "World Spirits". Use of a medal logo means that the medal is depicted on the label (front or back), on a tag, a transparent film wrapped around the bottle or on the bottle packaging box.

5.2.4 Copyright regulations

The following applies for the production of medal stickers by the producer itself and for the printing of medal logos on labels, etc.: For vintage products such as fruit distillates or millésimes, medal stickers may be produced for the entire produced lot of the spirits. For standardised products based on recipes such as bitters or liqueurs, but also for cognacs or armagnacs (target: consistent quality), medal stickers can be ordered for a maximum of two years. After that period, the product has to be re-submitted and the quality must be assessed by the WSA jury in order to continue to use the medal logo for advertising purposes.

Medal stickers or medal logos represented on the labels of products may be used (on the basis of an agreement to that effect) for a period of not more than two years from the date of submission and publication of the results. Of course, the products for which the medal representation is used must always be identical in terms of quality, classification and vintage year.
WSA authorises the "licensee" to make use of the medals by representing them on the labels of the products quoted for a period of not more than two years from the effective date of the agreement or start of use.

After that two-year period, no more labelling may be undertaken before a renewed submission to "WSA" for confirmation of the quality of the product has entitled the "licensee" to renew utilisation of the license.

- As soon as the award-winning product is sold out, it is no longer permitted to advertise using the won medal with the year of the award on it.

- Use for non-identical quality is forbidden!

- Standardised products may be submitted annually; an application is limited to a maximum of two years. If a participant receives a new “medal colour” (no matter if up- or down-grading), the current medal must be used.

- Use of the distillery classification must always be made in connection with the category. If you have attained the “World Class” classification for BILI (Bitters & Liqueurs), then this distinction may only be used for products of this category.

- According to the detailed application, submitted products will only receive the medal in relation to the original designation (product name on the label). If the name of the product changes, the medal may no longer be used without informing us and sending us an original bottle for quality testing at a charge.

- It is forbidden to use false medals for products - the research work with processing expenditure for the correction will be charged according to expenditure.

- The publication or use of medals before the specified blocking period by the organiser is not permitted and will be punished.

- The current medal must always be used for a product - however, the listing of a "medal series" by year is permitted, e.g.: Gold 2020, Silver 2019, Double Gold 2018 etc. However, only in a maximum 2-year rhythm - no more in case of a participation break of 3 years!

- If medals won are used illegally after more than two years without a licence agreement, the participant must prove the exact number of medals with invoices and agree on a licence agreement with costs with the WSA, which regulates the entire procedure.

- In general, in case of non-compliance with the above rules or incorrect use of trademarks and/or warnings, a penalty of Euro 5,000 will be charged and, if necessary, legally enforced.

Concerning infringements of copyright regulations, the organiser grants a one-month period after written notification to correct any "erroneous use". If this request should not be honoured, legal steps will be taken.

Contract bottling of award-winning products

A World Spirits Award winning product can also be bottled for another label in identical quality. The quality must match 100% in batch and lot number with the product submitted to the WSA (not only the recipe). The label must show the following text: “Distilled and bottled by: name of distillery and bottler. An identical quality product was awarded the gold medal at the 2022 World Spirits Award.”

Licence agreements must be signed by both the producer/bottler and the label/brand owner. The contractual partner is still the producer, who is also liable for the label holder of the product to be sold.

6 Publication of the results

Before the official granting of the "WSA" awards, no information on the results can be released. This applies both to the participating companies and to the press, along with other interested parties.

The results will be disclosed to the press and the winners during a press conference immediately preceding the award ceremony.

Only after the Award Celebration will all digital medal logos be sent out so that you can use them for your printed material, advertisements, etc. In your own interest, please wait for the official results – you might have won a title or an award!

After the official granting of the awards, the results will also be placed on the Internet and distributed to the press by e-mail.

On the day following the official award ceremony, there will also be up-to-date pictures available for download (menu item "Press") at

Mailing of the detailed results, the distillery portrait and the medal logos will take place after the WSA Celebration, with no exception. For all further mailing of printable medal logos, we ask you to please provide detailed instructions and information concerning their intended use.

We ask you to please understand that, from the time of advance information of the results (serves exclusively for orders of sticker medals) until after the Award Celebration, this information is confidential. This also applies to answers to e-mails concerning the request for medal logos, information on results, etc. Please do not interpret this as impoliteness – we simply do not have the time or the possibility to deal with these requests.

6.1 Documents (photos and texts) for entries in the World Spirits Guide and Spirits Finder Apps

Please see “Step by Step” for deadlines – unfortunately, documents not received in time will not be considered.

Entries in the print guide and e-book guide as well as in the online guide and Spirits Finder apps are free of charge for WSA participants, with the pre-requisite that the following documents must be submitted:

1 - Guide: Information and photos

-  Factual Information that could make up the outline of the article (facts about your company, team, products, etc.), please EXCLUDE descriptions for advertising or PR purposes! Ready-made PR texts are not accepted without exception.

- Please understand that the distillery portrait articles are meant to be IMPARTIAL JOURNALISM and we remain the right to edit the final text as well as to photo selection in order to maintain our editorial integrity. Participants have no influence on it!

- Distillery portraits already created will be emailed to you in time for a fact update if you participate again.

- Photos (company, people, production, bottles) in print quality, 300 dpi landscape, royalty-free and copy-right-free. In landscape format and preferably croppable. Make sure that you also have the rights for these! Large enough to be able to take cutouts as well.

Please do not email any links for download. Send all documents together via

2 - Spirits-Finder: Photos

The photos are used specifically for the Spirits Finder on and the WSA Spirits Finder app (free download in the App Store and Play Store).

- Preferably we need bottle photos for the Spirits Finder in portrait format (400 x 800 pixels) with 100 dpi JPG – preferably cropped on a white background.

At the end of March we will email you the distillery portrait in both German and English, together with the results.

In July, you will receive a screenshot of the page in the guide - for the final check for typo  (name, address, website, e-mail, etc.). Should that be a change in shipping address, please inform us right away. Multiple shipments will be charged.

7 The award ceremony for the "World Spirits Awards", medals and titles (diplomas)

The award ceremony will take place in the context of a festive event.

The participants at the Award Celebration will receive a medal for the submitted product that receives the most points, as well as an award plaque.
At the celebration, all double gold medals, “Spirit of the Year” medals and “World Spirits Award” trophies will be presented.
All other medals will be awarded with certificates at the end of the festivities.

Since the press will be taking photographs, we kindly ask participants to observe the dress code for the event. We would like to invite you to an aperitif before the award ceremony.

Those to be honoured are

"Spirit of the Year"

Title for the variety winners (which can also be groups, e.g. apple) with at least double gold (the granting of the award is based on the number of submissions per variety).

"World Spirits Awards"

Title for the group winners (e.g. pomaceous fruit, stone fruit, etc.) and category winners only (the granting of the award is based on the number of products and/or distilleries).

"Distillery of the Year"

The three best companies in the classification of every category will be awarded with medals and the title of "Distillery of the Year - Bronze" or "Distillery of the Year - Silver", and the best company with the highest number of points will be awarded with the title "Distillery of the Year - Gold".

Photos will be taken during the Award Ceremony, which will be made available to you and us for press relations and communication. Please bring a bottle of your award-winning products to the Award Ceremony so that photos can be taken with the bottle and the medal. The bottles you bring can also be tasted and commented on by participants after dinner, if you like.

Parties invited to the "WSA" or provided with press information:

At the award ceremony, all winners (award winners, Spirit of the Year, category, group and variety winners) and WSA participants present (for the best personal product) will be called.

Participants who are not present at the award ceremony will receive any awards won (trophy) by post at their own cost, including insurance (not applicable for medals and certificates).

Only the submitting party receives the requisite documentation and information from us (for the registered distillery).

At the award ceremony, all winners (award winners, Spirit of the Year, group and variety winners) and WSA participants present (for the best personal product) will be called.

Participants who are not present at the award ceremony will receive any awards won (trophy) by post at their own cost, including insurance (not applicable for medals and certificates).

Only the submitting party receives the requisite documentation and information from us (for the registered distillery).

7.1 Dispatch of medals, diplomas and/or awards

The certificates accompanying the medals and the personal results will be sent by post immediately after the granting of the awards. Should the submitting parties be present at the award ceremony of the "WSA", they can pick up the medals, etc. at the information booth after the official ceremony. However, in this case, we must be informed that you will be present at the "WSA", so they will not be dispatched beforehand.

Medals and diplomas will only be dispatched after full payment of all invoices (e.g. customs and delivery fees, etc.) has been made.

If you provide us with your FedEx number, you will receive the diplomas, medals, etc. much faster - at your own expense.

Shipment of Awards

For the World Spirits Awards that are shipped, the costs including insurance as well as the risk are borne by the submitter. We can only accept transport insurance claims if you check the goods for damages in the presence of the deliverer upon delivery and have them confirmed (also with a photo of the content, packaging, date).

Medals, medal stickers, etc. will be dispatched in the week following the Award Celebration. Should the delivery fail to arrive within an appropriate time, we ask you to please send us a short message so that we can make enquiries. If you would like to, you can also send a parcel service to pick up the documents from our offices (at your own cost).

Shipping or collection of the “World Spirits Awards”

If it is not possible to deliver the awards to the winners within the reasonable period of two months, or for the winners to organise a parcel service within this period and at their own cost, in order to receive the award, the right to claim the physical award expires.

 7.2 World Spirits Award goes on a world tour

To do even more justice to the title of "World Spirits", in 2015 Wolfram Ortner will expand the concept of the successful spirits competition and will go out into the world. This way, we can keep up with the ever-increasing internationalisation of the WSA.

Details of the tour

The homeland of the most successful participant will provide the platform for a 'high spirited' tour.

- Highlight is the award presentation in the distillery of the superstar or in a chosen town. Naturally all participants of the WSA are welcome to join in the celebrations - primarily of course, it will involve visitors from neighbouring countries. The participation of representatives of the press and celebrities is also planned.

- Conclusion of the award presentation is a festive dinner, at which the family character of the event will be emphasised and enhanced. The costs for the dinner are to be settled by the participants themselves - the WSA will take on the organisational role.

- As a supporting programme there will be a distillery tour in the winning country. On three to five accompanied days, there will be no shortage of specialised know-how and expert knowledge to be passed on.

Dates of the tour

Always on 15 February of the respective event year, the country will be announced in which the tour will take place. The award presentation will take place in May of the same year. On this day, all the results of the World Spirits Award will be made public.
So that the World Spirits Award really tours the whole world, the winning country has to take a break for 5 years, even if the 'superstar' wins again.
As you can see, we are always looking for new ways to separate the best from the best!

Where will the presentation of prizes take place?

In which country the award ceremony will take place depends on how many award winners come from a country and who the superstar of the last WSA is. In consultation with the winners or potential organisers, it will be decided whether, where and when the prizes will be awarded. If no interest is shown in participating, the 'next' will be contacted and will receive the possibility of hosting the ceremony. The locations for the presentation of the prizes can be a distillery, trade fair or other locations in a suitable town or city.

The more manufacturers and the more products that take part in the WSA from one country, the greater the possibility that the main prizes (awards) will be awarded to this country. It may well be that there is one ceremony overseas and one in Europe.

In 2012 this concept was tried for the first time in China in the Diao Yü Tai State Guest House in Beijing: with the Gold Medal Award Celebration for the Moutai and the Chinese nation, respectively.

What is the procedure at the event?

We honour the superstar in their own country and, of course, invite all award participants from around the world to be there too. Participants who are present in person and the superstar will be presented with their awards, titles and medals, and participants who are not personally present will have their prizes sent to them.

The 'superstar' may invite friends, VIPs and press to the award ceremony at their own cost. The organisation will be carried out together, the expenditure shared: costs for participants of the WSA and those persons invited by the WSA will be assumed by the organiser, the location and equipment is to be provided by the winner.

After the award ceremony, everyone will have dinner together in an attractive restaurant. The costs are to be borne by the participants themselves.
Registration for participation in the award celebration must take place by 15 March. An educational trip can be booked in connection with the ceremony (3 to 5 days, visits to distilleries, etc.).

The packages that are booked (hotel, dinner and educational trip) shall be paid by 25 March at the latest after invoicing. Later registration is unfortunately either not possible or subject to additional costs.

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8 TOC - Supplementary General Terms and Conditions

koessler2awardsBy submitting its products and with its legally binding signature, the submitting party or the distillery agrees to the general terms and conditions (TOC) of the "WSA" in their entirety. These general terms and conditions and the WSA Regulations are published on the website

The submission of identical products (also under other company names or via another company respectively) is permitted only with the announcement to the WSA. The product and the submitter must be disclosed. A violation is followed by the exclusion from the WSA.

WSA does not assume any liability for printing errors or erroneous information in any World Spirits publications, including the Internet press releases and press information material.

Photographs made available to WSA by participants, either electronically (by e-mail) or as prints, may be used free of charge for our own purposes, for PR and for communication purposes of any kind. It is hereby expressly agreed that the royalty-free publication of such photographs is permitted and even desired - without indication of source – permitted and requested. is used as the source. shall be cited as the source.

Participants shall have no influence on the texts or the contents of the portrayal of their companies or on WSA press releases. No proofs can be made available prior to publication. Texts are compiled on the basis of the documents/materials made available to WSA. These texts may be used by the participants free of charge in the language versions made available to them.

The results of the product judgement are final and absolute and cannot be challenged legally. The participants agree to accept the judgement without reservation.

The “World Spirits Award“ participants are prohibited from disclosing any information concerning the results until one hour after the Award Celebration and the announcement of the official results on the website Violations are subject to a penalty of €10,000 and no certificates, medals, etc. will be awarded to the person(s) involved. Use of the “World Spirits” brand name which does not conform with the regulations is also unfair on all other participants, and cannot be accepted.

Distillates which are awarded medals will be analytically examined through random sampling after the publication of the results, as well as in the case of suspicion of "deficiencies". If differences are found, additional research will be initiated by the organiser of the event. If the suspicion is confirmed, the costs of further investigations will be at the expense of the respective producer. This shall apply, in particular, in the case of suspected aromatic additives - the costs are up to EUR 10,000.00.

The purchase of bottles for inspection will take place anonymously. If deviations which are contrary to the rules should arise (declarations on the purchased bottles must be identical to those on the registration form - sugar content, alcohol, etc.), the company will initially be warned and granted the possibility of correcting complaints within a year, after which more detailed inspection will be carried out. Five of the company's products will be acquired from the market, analysed and compared. The costs for the additional purchase and the ensuing ten analyses will be at the expense of the producer. Moreover, a fee of EUR 10,000.00 will be charged for the training of World Spirits tasters.

Each variety submitted must be constant in quality. The submitting of fractions is not allowed - the entire output per variety has to be blended. We recommend that the entire quantity per variety be diluted at once, in order to assure only minimal differences at the inspection. Should it turn out, in the case of subsequent inspections, that identical products have been submitted, the medal will be denied and a penalty will be imposed.

All the distillates awarded with a distinction in the category of fruit brandies (100% distillates without sugar, aromatic additives, external alcohols) will be analytically examined for their sugar content and authenticity. Should a 100% distillate be found to have sugar or aroma additives added, and has been declared by the participant in the category of "without sugar", all of the costs of the analysis will be at the expense of the participant. This rule is applied, in particular, when award-winning products are found to be not identical with those products sold on the market. In this case, a penalty of EUR 5,000.00 will be imposed in order to cover the necessary investigations and/or costs. If the costs should exceed the amount of EUR 5,000.00, the exceeding costs will also be charged or, if necessary, collected through legal proceedings.

In the case of offenses, the penalties assessed are not contestable and, if necessary, will be legally claimed by us. If, within a year, these measures do not prove to be effective, the producer's identity will be made public at a World Spirits press conference and the corrected results will be published in various media. Cost: between EUR 2,000.00 and 3,000.00.

Various deadlines

The deadlines stipulated by us are binding and must be respected by the participants. In cases of late delivery of photos, text suggestions, etc. we are unable to take special wishes into account.

Austrian law shall apply. Pursuant to the provisions of § 104 of the Austrian Law on Court Jurisdiction (JN), the local competent court of Bad Kleinkirchheim shall have subject matter jurisdiction.

Bad Kleinkirchheim, 1 August 2004 - revised and expanded in 2012 and 2021

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