Inside World Spirits © Episode 4: Apricot, Gerhard Maass

Inside World Spirits © Episode 4
Apricot, Gerhard Maass

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Everything revolves around the subject: The Wachau Apricot Queen

  • Talk partners: Gerhard Maass, Austria’s biggest apricot plant operator and distiller
  • Botanical: ginger, Patrick Altermatt, Switzerland
  • Viewer guest: Alexandra Zerza, private person, Austria
  • host Wolfram Ortner – 20 minutes of exciting and profound presentation

Products/ spirits:

  • Apricot, Maass Brand, Austria
  • Apricot brandy Reserve, Fruit Distillery Franz Tinnauer, Austria
  • Apricot brandy, The Wachau Private Distillery Hellerschmid, Austria

Brand new format, 15-minute episodes, expert information and entertainment on a "spiritual" basis, celebrity and distiller talk, journey through the botanical gardens of the earth, sensory evaluation of the world's best spirits.

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