World-Spirits Academy – Dates for 2020 to 2023

World-Spirits Academy - Dates for 2020 to 2023

Basic-Class 2023

18 to 19 June 2023
Sunday until Monday
Subject to change!

1st day:
“The orchard – fruit, scent and aroma analysis“
Definition of (fruit/aroma) type, description, recognition of aromas and classification and evaluation according to the WOB system

2nd day:
“Sensory perception of flaws in spirits“
Product recognition, identification and classification of (inherent) flaws, WOB evaluation and basic check

Master-Class 2023

20 June - Tuesday: “100-%-destillates" ...- without added alcohols and/or addition of sugar as well as/or aromas
21 June - Wednesday: “Whisk(e)y varieties of the world“


Demanding Testing for Spirits and Specialists

Demanding Testing for Spirits and Specialists

The route to becoming a "World-Spirits taster" is long - and during training there are many challenges to be overcome. But only a perfectly trained jury, together with smoothly functioning procedures, can judge spirits as impartially as possible. In the case of "World-Spirits", it is not the name or reputation, but only the sensory abilities of the jurors and the responsibility to producers which are ensuring that a respected and comprehensible judgement of their products is handed down. The WOB rating system, developed especially for spirits, guarantees that this is taking place. Furthermore, "World-Spirits" is the only private organization which undertakes the classification of distilleries. Therefore, the results must be absolutely understandable for the submitting distilleries. Wolfram Ortner, with his personal commitment and sound WOB rating system, stands for care and reliability in the system's implementation.


Master of World-Spirits

The “Master of World-Spirits” training programme 2023

Master-Classe 2023

Objective and content
The sensory handling of spirits, recognising and evaluating the wide variety of spirits

This programme is an advanced training for connoisseurs who already have solid knowledge of spirits– good sensory experience and knowledge are the pre-requisites! In order to participate in the Master-Class, the Basic-Class must be prior completed.

Personal benefits
Being able to find your way in the world of spirits, evaluate products professionally, define the quality of a product, identify flaws, learning to recognize top quality, and the possibility of being included in the World-Spirits jury team.


Basic-Class in World-Spirits: Sensory perception for beginners

Basic Class in World Spirits: Sensory perception for beginners

The World Spirits Academy’s Basic Classes are designed to prepare newcomers to spirits for the Master Class and the Master of World Spirits Award. Wolfram Ortner has developed a detailed system that will leave you with a sense of smell and taste that are playfully honed to perfection. Participants will discover fruits and their aromas, and they will also learn to detect flaws in spirits. The classification of standard samples helps to retain the efficiency of the exercises and the results.

Awaken your senses to spirits:
Basic Class of World Spirits

Sensory handling of spirits for beginners, recognising, evaluating and describing the wide variety of spirits, recognising flaws, identifying aromas, evaluating using the WOB system, completing a basic check test.


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