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Georg Hemmeter GmbH
Hubert-Underberg-Allee 1
47493 Rheinberg
  • Spirituosen Wiederverkauf
  • Destillerie
Georg Hemmeter – XUXU, Escorial, SILLA EL FUERTE

Georg Hemmeter – strawberry drinks with exceptional flavour guaranteed

The name Georg Hemmeter – a company of the Underberg Group – stands for innovative spirits, in particular the XUXU range. The fresh and fruity strawberry drink contains 66 percent fruit plus crystal-clear vodka, rounded off with a dash of lime. The harmony between the sweetness of the fruit and just 15% alcohol by volume is created using a special production method. XUXU Ten, the little luxury in a 250 ml aluminium bottle with only 10% alcohol by volume, is dressed to party – it is still relatively new to the market, yet is already at home in all the world’s top party venues.
XUXU can be served in so many different ways: chilled, neat, on crushed ice, as a dessert topping, with sparkling wine or with other mixers – XUXU tastes heavenly and offers fresh and fruity pleasure. Welcome to Berrydise!

Initially the absolute top star in Greece, XUXU is now also number 1 in Russia, and extremely popular in Turkey and Italy too.

XUXU Strawberry & Vodka Drink and XUXU Ten won Gold at the World Spirits Award 2014.

Gold 93Xuxu Strawberry & Vodka drink2014Details
Gold 91Xuxu ten2014Details


Familie Lücke GmbH & Co. KG
Heiliggeistplatz 1a
48431 Rheine
  • Spirituosen Wiederverkauf
Ehrenwert GmbH: One recipe – two families

One recipe – two families. Each family has its own carefully guarded secret recipe, and with the Lücke family this remained in the hands of grandfather Heinz and later his son Dieter for many decades. Long enough, thought sons Thomas and Christian. In any case, it is the ‘Felsenfeuer’ herb liqueur that once made the Lücke Distillery one of the most important in Münsterland. After the war they continued the success story which first began in the 18th century, with this herb liqueur, using the recipe that Heinz Lücke worked out. In the 1950s everyone was talking about it, but in the 1960s the era of the distillery and the herb liqueur ended. But not for good – 60 years later it celebrated its resurrection with the ‘Freudenfeuer’.

Whilst searching for a distillery, Thomas and Christian kept to family tradition, as their grandmother was a Sasse, and the Sasses’ fine distillery in Schöppingen is still well known today. Following a traditional recipe from 1947 the new liqueur is distilled in small batches and is bottled by hand after a ten-day rest period. Ready to enjoy: neat and ice cold like in the time of our grandfathers, or smoother, on ice with lightly pressed orange zest, or as a basis for a long drink with tonic water or ginger ale. To old times and new friends!

At the World Spirits Award, there was gold for Freudenfeuer.
Gold 92.3Freudenfeuer2023Details


Destillerie Franz Bauer GmbH
Prankergasse 29-31
8020 Graz
  • Obst-Brände
  • Obst-Geiste & Spirituosen
  • Liköre
  • Spirituosen Wiederverkauf
Destillerie Franz Bauer: Fruit in its clearest form/b>

The Franz Bauer distillery has been involved for 100 years in the processing and refinement of fruits and captures their aromatic richness in various distillates. The company was founded in 1920 as a distillery business in Gamlitz and Ehrenhausen. Some years later, the current company head office was acquired in Prankergasse. Today, Bauer is the only still existing distillery in Graz. The fruit and bonded distillery is among the most modern, steam-heated distillation plants in Europe. Over a million kilograms of fruit are distilled carefully here annually using the traditional method of double distillation.

Processing the fresh fruits requires great care in the various production steps. Each distillate has at least a year’s time to be able to fully develop, and is stored in various stainless steel, wooden or clay containers. The result: consistent quality, bottle for bottle – for 100 years. This is what sets the Franz Bauer Distillery apart. The ‘Distillery Tour’, which includes a tasting (detailed information at:, provides an insight into the entire production process.

The Master Class Distillery 2021 and World Class Distillery 2021 (Distillery of the Year 2021 – Gold & World Spirits Award) received double gold for Green Panther Kürbiskernlikör (pumpkin seed liqueur) (Spirit of the Year 2021) and Wodka Mikitra, and in addition 24 golds and 13 silvers.
Double-Gold 96Bauer Green Panther Kürbiskernlikör2021Details
Double-Gold 95.3Wodka Mikitra2021Details
Gold 95Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Vogelbeer Geist2021Details
Gold 94.3Bauer Minzling2021Details
Gold 94Wodka Nikita2021Details
Gold 94Bauer Karamell küsst die Kaffeebohne2021Details
Gold 94Stroganoff Vodka2021Details
Gold 94Bauer Spirit of the Alps ZirbenZauber2021Details
Gold 94Bauer JagerTee2021Details
Gold 94Orangerie Triple Sec2021Details
Gold 93.3Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Zwetschken Schnaps2021Details
Gold 93Bauer Orangenpunsch2021Details
Gold 93Baracuda White Light Rum2021Details
Gold 92.7Bauer Heiße Hexe2021Details
Gold 92.7Bauer Rumpunsch2021Details
Gold 92.3Bauer Kuss der Haselnuss2021Details
Gold 92Freiherr von Pranck Tresterbrand2021Details
Gold 91.3Bauer Geile Nuss2021Details
Gold 91Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Würziger Wacholder2021Details
Gold 91Freiherr von Pranck Zwetschkenbrand Fass Kollektio2021Details
Gold 91Bauer Spirit of the Alps Wurzelsepp2021Details
Gold 90.3Bauer Inländer Rum2021Details
Gold 90Bauer Waldbeerpunsch2021Details
Gold 90Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Kirschen-Schnaps2021Details
Gold 90Stroganoff Red Spirit2021Details
Gold 90Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Marillen-Schnaps2021Details
Silver 89Bauer Weichsel Likör mit Bierbrand2021Details
Silver 89Bauer Marillenpunsch2021Details
Silver 88Bauer Bratapfelpunsch2021Details
Silver 88Bauer Schubi Dubi2021Details
Silver 88Bauer Früchte Punsch2021Details
Silver 87Freiherr von Pranck Marillenbrand Fass Kollektion2021Details
Silver 87Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Obst-Schnaps2021Details
Silver 86Bauer Gold Nuss Haselnusslikör2021Details
Silver 84Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Williamsbirnen Schn2021Details
Silver 84Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Himbeer Geist2021Details
Silver 83Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Gebirgsenzian2021Details
Silver 83Bauer Spirit of the Alps Latschentraum2021Details
Silver 80Bauer Hirschkrah2021Details


Disruptive Craft Spirits LLC
244 Fifth Avenue, suite D165
NY 10001 New York
United States
  • Jenever

Gold 90Bobby's Schiedam jenever2018Details
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