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Destillerie Franz Bauer GmbH
Prankergasse 29-31
8020 Graz
  • Obst-Brände
  • Obst-Geiste & Spirituosen
  • Liköre
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Destillerie Franz Bauer: Fruit in its clearest form/b>

The Franz Bauer distillery has been involved for 100 years in the processing and refinement of fruits and captures their aromatic richness in various distillates. The company was founded in 1920 as a distillery business in Gamlitz and Ehrenhausen. Some years later, the current company head office was acquired in Prankergasse. Today, Bauer is the only still existing distillery in Graz. The fruit and bonded distillery is among the most modern, steam-heated distillation plants in Europe. Over a million kilograms of fruit are distilled carefully here annually using the traditional method of double distillation.

Processing the fresh fruits requires great care in the various production steps. Each distillate has at least a year’s time to be able to fully develop, and is stored in various stainless steel, wooden or clay containers. The result: consistent quality, bottle for bottle – for 100 years. This is what sets the Franz Bauer Distillery apart. The ‘Distillery Tour’, which includes a tasting (detailed information at:, provides an insight into the entire production process.

The Master Class Distillery 2021 and World Class Distillery 2021 (Distillery of the Year 2021 – Gold & World Spirits Award) received double gold for Green Panther Kürbiskernlikör (pumpkin seed liqueur) (Spirit of the Year 2021) and Wodka Mikitra, and in addition 24 golds and 13 silvers.
Double-Gold 96Bauer Green Panther Kürbiskernlikör2021Details
Double-Gold 95.3Wodka Mikitra2021Details
Gold 95Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Vogelbeer Geist2021Details
Gold 94.3Bauer Minzling2021Details
Gold 94Wodka Nikita2021Details
Gold 94Bauer Karamell küsst die Kaffeebohne2021Details
Gold 94Stroganoff Vodka2021Details
Gold 94Bauer Spirit of the Alps ZirbenZauber2021Details
Gold 94Bauer JagerTee2021Details
Gold 94Orangerie Triple Sec2021Details
Gold 93.3Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Zwetschken Schnaps2021Details
Gold 93Bauer Orangenpunsch2021Details
Gold 93Baracuda White Light Rum2021Details
Gold 92.7Bauer Rumpunsch2021Details
Gold 92.7Bauer Heiße Hexe2021Details
Gold 92.3Bauer Kuss der Haselnuss2021Details
Gold 92Freiherr von Pranck Tresterbrand2021Details
Gold 91.3Bauer Geile Nuss2021Details
Gold 91Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Würziger Wacholder2021Details
Gold 91Freiherr von Pranck Zwetschkenbrand Fass Kollektio2021Details
Gold 91Bauer Spirit of the Alps Wurzelsepp2021Details
Gold 90.3Bauer Inländer Rum2021Details
Gold 90Stroganoff Red Spirit2021Details
Gold 90Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Marillen-Schnaps2021Details
Gold 90Bauer Waldbeerpunsch2021Details
Gold 90Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Kirschen-Schnaps2021Details
Silver 89Bauer Weichsel Likör mit Bierbrand2021Details
Silver 89Bauer Marillenpunsch2021Details
Silver 88Bauer Schubi Dubi2021Details
Silver 88Bauer Früchte Punsch2021Details
Silver 88Bauer Bratapfelpunsch2021Details
Silver 87Freiherr von Pranck Marillenbrand Fass Kollektion2021Details
Silver 87Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Obst-Schnaps2021Details
Silver 86Bauer Gold Nuss Haselnusslikör2021Details
Silver 84Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Himbeer Geist2021Details
Silver 84Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Williamsbirnen Schn2021Details
Silver 83Bauer Styrian Panther Spirit - Gebirgsenzian2021Details
Silver 83Bauer Spirit of the Alps Latschentraum2021Details
Silver 80Bauer Hirschkrah2021Details


Av. Arturo Prat No. 921-A, Valle del Huasco
Región de Atacama III - Vallenar
  • Pisco
INDUSTRIAL EL ROSARIO: Traditional pisco from Chile

Bou Barroeta is located in Viña El Rosario in the heart of the Huasco Valley, known as the Garden of Atacama. Lush, colourful flora unfold in the middle of a desert landscape, where excellent pisco has been produced for generations. Pisco is based on handpicked muscatel grapes and distilled in traditional alembics. The wood for the barrels in which the pisco matures comes from the mountains near Lago Calafquén in the heart of the Mapuche region. For these indigenous people, the Coyan oak symbolises new life and the immortality of the soul. In this sense, the barrel storage is also a promise for the longevity of the distillate.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a large wave of immigration from the Spanish Balearic Islands to the areas of Coquimbo and Atacama in northern Chile. 19-year-old Francisco Bou Suñer, a master distiller, belonged to one of these first settler families of Majorcan origin. In 1903, his younger brother Antonio and his sisters joined him to settle in Vallenar, the capital of the province of Huasco. Antonio was one of the first pisco producers in Atacama to present his pisco at the Ibero-American Exhibition in Seville in 1930. In 1940, he married Celestina Barroeta Arrieta, and they had four children. After Antonio’s death in 1961, his son Francisco continued production and the pisco was registered as Bou Barroeta pisco in the 1980s. Today, his descendants are in charge of the El Rosario company.

At the World Spirits Award, there was gold for COFRADÍA de BOU BARROETA, LUXSTELLE de BOU BARROETA and NOOR de BOU BARROETA, and silver for MARÍA’S de BOU BARROETA.
Gold 94Luxstelle de Bou Barroeta2024Details
Gold 92.7Cofradía de Bou Barroeta2024Details
Gold 90.3Noor de Bou Barroeta2024Details
Silver 88Bou Barroeta Marías2024Details


LA SU Gin - Expo Outline GmbH
Eichbaumstraße 42
63674 Altenstadt
  • Spirituosen Wiederverkauf
LA SU Gin: Exotic holiday feeling in a glass

Alexander Kayser and Christopher Schuh are true gin lovers and founders of the brand LA SU Gin – a registered brand of Expo Outline Messebau und Event GmbH in Altenstadt, with Alexander Kayser as the managing partner.

After exploring many trains of thought, it was clear to both of them that it had to be exotic. LA SU Gin is a premium handcrafted gin with a hint of fruity mango. Distilled in small batches, traditionally and without additives, it is made in one of the oldest distilleries in Europe. The mango gives it a special freshness and balances the tart notes of the spices perfectly. Next to the mango, LA SU evokes a sense of travel. Enjoy a holiday feeling and discover new taste sensations. The elaborate bottle design reflects a love of detail and certainly leaves an impression.

At the World Spirits Award, bronze was achieved by LA SU *MGO* Natural Mango.
Bronze 76LA SU *MGO* Natural Mango2021Details


Proof Drinks Ltd
41 Great Portland Street
London W1W 7LA
United Kingdom
  • Spirituosen Wiederverkauf
Gold 94.3Cazcabel Coffee Liqueur mit Tequila Blanco2016Details
Gold 92.7Cazcabel Honey Liqueur mit Tequeila Blanco2016Details
Gold 91.3Cazcabel Gold "Edicion Oro"2016Details
Gold 91Cazcabel Blanco "Silver Edicion"2016Details
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