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* Roasted hazelnuts 500 g
* Sugar 1,000 g
* Butter 60 g
* Orange juice or apple juice 150 ml
* Wafer biscuits and/or crisp cake bottom 21 x 13 cm (6 pieces and two strips approx. 5 cm in length)
* Apple Barrique or Hazelnut Parfum de Vie


Melt 1,000 g of sugar in an iron pan, or preferably a wok pan, if available. Add a little butter to the mixture; as it begins to melt, stir constantly with a whisk to keep it from sticking to the pan. Continue to stir until the sugar has melted into a thick, brown syrup. Add a generous dash of orange or apple juice (be careful, as hot steam will escape) and continue to gently boil. Add 500 g of hazelnuts to the mixture and reduce to a medium thickness. The thicker the liquid, the harder the finished wafers will be.
In the meantime, cover a rectangular baking pan that is extendable on all sides with pieces of wafer biscuits and/or crisp cake bottom (we recommend that you prepare the wafer biscuits and/or cake bottom yourself and in one piece). The surface covered should be about 42 x 26 cm. Make sure that there are no gaps between the biscuit/cake layer and the rim of the baking pan. Tip: Seal any gaps with a little of the caramel mixture. Then, evenly spread the hazelnut-sugar mixture over the prepared base layer and cover with wafer biscuits.
Store in a cool place. Before serving, cut into small squares and generously spray with Apple Barrique or Hazelnut Parfum de Vie. The scent of the Parfum de Vie is intensified because the wafers absorb the flavour. Enjoy this unique taste experience!

Tip: Make sure that the caramel mixture is not too liquid so as to prevent the caramelised sugar from liquefying. Store in a cool place at all times.

Beverage recommendation: Essence of the barrique apple distillate, fresh water and an espresso!

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