World Spirits grants licences

systemThe „World Spirits“ organisation offers licence partners some interesting cooperation models.

„World Spirits“ licences
National events: individual countries have the opportunity to organise and hold national events according to the system of the „World Spirits“ event, e.g. „World Spirits Switzerland“ or „World Spirits Germany“. The cooperation extends from organisational and marketing support to the complete implementation and handling.

Taking Switzerland as an example, „World Spirits“ regards itself as „the“ spirits event concerning its conception in any country when considering and including as many institutions and organisations in the spirits sector as possible so that this event finds maximum support nationwide.

Regional events: the services for regional tastings, e.g. in Carinthia, Friuli, Bavaria etc. extend from organisational support to the implementation according to the „World Spirits System“ or the „WOB-System“ respectively.

Individual tastings: according to the „World Spirits“ event individual tastings can be implemented within fair events or as a special service for publishers or media.

WOB-System and WOB-System EDP programme licences

The WOB-System is free for private use and is supposed to be used too. The evaluation sheet is available for downloading at >Award and can be copied indefinitely for private purposes.

The commercial use or utilization respectively of the WOB-System is subject to licensing, whereby the following moduls are possible:

The WOB-System: the evaluation system for a tasting or awarding respectively is indentured to the event. It cannot be transferred or used repeatedly but must be renewed each year.

Evaluation form

The WOB-System with complete EDP-package: this package comprises the entire entering, evaluation, several listings and invoicing up to interfaces and transfer to accounting and data processing. Introduction and servicing are included as services of the complete package.

Press data programme: a special programme was developed for press communication which connects two independent data fields for media and editors. When entering they can be linked with criteria and selected indefinitely.

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