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Pirker GmbH
Grazer Straße 10
8630 Mariazell
  • Obst-Brände
  • Obst-Geiste & Spirituosen
  • Korn
Brennerei Pirker: Masterpieces from Mariazell

Austrian gingerbread and honey wine production and candle dipping each have a long-standing tradition dating back over 300 years in Mariazell. The Pirker family still practise, preserve and bring to life these fascinating crafts today. Katharina Pirker and Georg Rippel-Pirker run this Upper Styrian model business with lots of enthusiasm and creativity, earning them the Styrian coat of arms. In addition to traditional and local fruit varieties, special fruits are also distilled into organic orange brandy, honey brandy and rice brandy which is sold as far afield as Japan.

At Pirker’s, tradition is combined with zeitgeist; approximately 60 different brandies, honey wine, original Mariazell herb bitter (from local herbs, with no added sugar) and gingerbread liqueur are carefully produced and impressively presented. The company has won numerous awards, confirming its high-quality standards – only the very best pure fruits, herbs, honey and hand-selected spices are processed and distilled. Pirker’s entire product range is made up of more than 400 homemade specialities, ranging from exquisite brandies, liqueurs and Mariazell honey gingerbread to honey wine, handmade beeswax candles and high-quality vinegars from their own vinegar factory.

The First Class Distillery 2022 BILI and World Class Distillery 2022 OBB received double gold for Schwarze Johannisbeere (black currant), gold for Wachauer Marille (apricot), Lebkuchenlikör (gingerbread liqueur), Zirbengeist (stone pine spirit), Quittenbrand (quince brandy), Kräuterbitter (herbal bitter), Schlehe (sloe), Brombeerbrand (blackberry brandy), Bio-Kornelkirsche (organic cornelian cherry), Apfelbrand Kronprinz Rudolf (apple brandy) and Rote Johannisbeere (red currant), and silver for Eierlikör (egg liqueur), Traubenkirsche (bird cherry), Himbeere (raspberry), Elsbeere (wild serviceberry) and Kaffeelikör (coffee liqueur).
Double-Gold 95.3Schwarze Johannisbeere2022Details
Gold 93Bio-Kornelkirsche2022Details
Gold 93Schlehe2022Details
Gold 92.3Brombeerbrand2022Details
Gold 92Kräuterbitter2022Details
Gold 92Rote Johannisbeere2022Details
Gold 91Zirbengeist2022Details
Gold 91Wachauer Marille2022Details
Gold 90.7Lebkuchenlikör2022Details
Gold 90Quittenbrand2022Details
Gold 90Apfelbrand Kronprinz Rudolf2022Details
Silver 89Himbeere2022Details
Silver 88Eierlikör2022Details
Silver 85Elsbeere2022Details
Silver 85Kaffeelikör2022Details
Silver 81Traubenkirsche2022Details


Australian Distilling Co.
c/- 25 North Terrace
5069 Hackney
  • Gin
Australian Distilling: Inspired by famous cities

The founder, Michael Hickinbotham, is one of the second generation of the family of distillers who helped shape Australia’s wine and spirits industry. Together with Dr. Graham Jones as Master Distiller he has created unique recipes for gin, inspired by the time he spent living and working in Australia.

The spirits have strong botanic signatures with regional and seasonal ingredients. All the way to the bottle, everything is especially designed with a particular city in mind, and each gin is distilled there in order to capture the city’s ‘spirit’.

The label on Adelaide Gin reflects the copper on which the foundations of the city stand. In the aroma, flowery notes of rose and lavender join forces with spices such as cardamom, juniper, coriander and nutmeg. Sydney Gin stands for the flora of this sunny region and its lively city vibe. The aroma carriers are lemon myrtle, lime peel and orange. The city’s stylish Art Deco architecture is captured in the bottle design, with images of Sydney Harbour Bridge and a hint of the elegance of the 1920s. Perth Gin was launched four days before the first Australian Gin Day (23rd November 2019). Distilled in beautiful Margaret River, warming boronia is paired with lemon myrtle. The golden label is a nod to the gold rush and sunshine, blue skies and the ocean. Brisbane Gin was introduced at the same time, with the freshness of kaffir limes and finger limes as well as ginger. Pink, chestnut brown and gold represent the youth of the ‘River City’, the celebration of nature, sunshine and good company.

At the World Spirits Award, there was gold for Adelaide Gin, Melbourne Gin, Sydney Gin and Perth Gin, and silver for Brisbane Gin.
Gold 93Melbourne Gin2020Details
Gold 91Perth Gin2020Details
Gold 91Adelaide Gin2020Details
Gold 90Sydney Gin2020Details
Silver 89Brisbane Gin2020Details


Bimmerle KG Private Distillery
Önsbacherstraße 40
77855 Achern
  • Spirituosen Wiederverkauf
  • Destillerie
Bimmerle: Popular products from the Black Forest

In the new production location in Sasbach – amidst the sunny Black Forest fruit farms – the family business sets innovative standards in technology, sustainability and environmental protection. This is the first distillery in Germany where all their heating requirements and power generation are covered by the burning of fruit stones combined with woodchips from the region.

Speaking of the region: “The sun shines for us, as do we for you.” This motto accompanies the preparation and processing of the local fruit from cultivation to the ripening process through to distillation. For the last five decades, Bimmerle has strived for the highest quality, with targeted know-how, modern high-tech and the traditional art of distilling. As a regional, medium-sized business in Germany and on the European market, Bimmerle is a leader in the fruit brandies sector, as ‘evergreens’ are currently enjoying a renaissance and have reclaimed a place in the restaurant and bar scene. This also applies to the rest of the wide portfolio in the trade brand and own brand segment, such as Needle Blackforest Gin, Wood Stork Spiced Rum, Lörch fruit brandies and other spirits such as vodka or ready-to-drink items. The company is also successful here and always has its finger on the pulse of the market.

The Master Class Distillery 2022 received double gold for Sahnelikör Zimtstern (cinnamon cream liqueur), and gold for Zünftler Waldhimbeergeist (forest raspberry spirit), Best Moments Sahnelikör weiße Schokolade mit Tonkabohne (white chocolate cream liqueur with tonka bean) and Sahnelikör Butterkeks (shortbread biscuit cream liqueur). Silver was awarded to a wide spectrum of a dozen further spirits.
Double-Gold 95.3Sahnelikör Zimtstern2022Details
Gold 93Zünftler Waldhimbeergeist2022Details
Gold 93Sahnelikör Butterkeks2022Details
Gold 90Best Moments Sahnelikör weiße Schokolade mit Tonka2022Details
Silver 89.7Sahnelikör Kokosmakrone2022Details
Silver 89Zinselhof Alter Williams Christ Birnenbrand2022Details
Silver 89Larrivée Wein Aperitif blanc2022Details
Silver 88Larrivée Wein Aperitif rosé2022Details
Silver 88Best Moments Sahnelikör Vanillekipferl2022Details
Silver 88Sahnelikör Vanillekipferl2022Details
Silver 87Zünftler Williams Christ Birnenbrand2022Details
Silver 87Lörch Alte Williams Christ Birne2022Details
Silver 87Kronenhof Alter Williams Christ Birnenbrand2022Details
Silver 86Lörch Altes Schwarzwälder Zwetschgenwasser2022Details
Silver 84Best Moments Sahnelikör gebrannte Mandel2022Details
Silver 82Schwarzwald Distilled Dry Gin Heidelbeer & Vanille2022Details


MBG International Premium Brands GmbH
Oberes Feld 13
33106 Paderborn
  • Spirituosen Wiederverkauf
MBG International Premium Brands – Brands with added value

“We Love Liquids.” This slogan has accompanied MBG on its worldwide path of success since it was founded in 1993 under the name P.O.S. Marketing + Vertrieb GmbH: Strong brands have been established around the world in nearly 60 countries, with innovative own brands, renowned retail brands, great ideas and a lot of energy. With over 250 employees, the MBG Group currently generates over € 200 million and, every year, more than a million hectolitres are produced. The portfolio in Germany includes 12 own brands and 6 retail brands (from non-alcoholic drinks to low proof drinks to wines & spirits) for 90,000 customers.

“Our recipe for successful brands is the mixture of passion, conviction and knowledge of the market. If all goes well, names and products become new worlds which consumers love. Success is not always predictable, which means that courage is needed above all. The right moment has to be found and hard work put in, just like with a hit single: some are one hit wonders while others become classics.” Little can be added to this definition from Managing Director Andreas W. Herb. From the MBG Group headquarters in Paderborn, a great deal of expertise makes successful brands, tailored to the respective target group and the market segment. Many brands that are well known on shop shelves and in the gastronomy sector have played a role in the history of the company.

Participation in the World Spirits Award yielded gold for Dos Mas Nasty Nuts Shot.
Gold 91Dos Mas Nasty Nuts Shot2018Details
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